Geographical Indication “OUZO of KAVALA”

The geographical indication “OUZO of KAVALA” can be used officially by the distillery EN.PO.KA. S.A., after the Government Decision 2065/B published on September 24th 2009 in the Official Gazette. It is a very important distinction for the company as well as for the area of Kavala in general, since the recognition of the geographical indication as supplementary to the brand name “OUZO”, which should be noted is a brand name by tradition, directly spotlights the company and the city.

“OUZO of KAVALA” which is produced and bottled nowadays by EN.PO.KA. S.A. owes its fame clearly to its geographical origin.

  1. Since the beginnings of the 20th century οuzo has been produced in Kavala using the knowledge, love and secrets of the distillers of Kavala. Since then the product has been identified through its geographical origin.
  2. Ouzo is not just a product for sale. It is an integral part of the tradition of the distillers of Kavala, which they rescued through time, preserved it and want to eternalise it and pass it on to the generations that will follow.
  3. The Ouzo of Kavala owes its unique flavour and quality to the fact that:
    (a) since the beginnings of the 20th century the aromatization of the ethanol is being done, only through the distillation in traditional copper boilers, and
    (b) the water used, is taken exclusively from the water supply of the city of Kavala.


Εφημερίδα της Κυβερνήσεως, ΦΕΚ 2065/Β, 24-09-2009